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Ova Kila Wise – Never Give Up (Lyrics)

Publié il y a


<<My brother never never give up - Life no be easy eh>>


Me say never give up
Keep your head up
If you started from the bottom you will be at the top
If you fall,rise up,waka,work hard,wait
Your time go come oh
Don’t rush for the money,brother keep your faith
Hope and love what you are doing
I only pray the almighty
I beg the holy ghost to push my music
Far and away oooh
We are coming
Things are changing
My man jdhot told me: E be God who dey bless us,so am not afraid and i wait.


My brother never never give up
Life no be easy eh
If you fall,rise up again
Wait your time go come


Step by step
Even if you don’t see clear
After the night,brother you gonna see the daylight
The sun is rising for everybody at the right time
Hmmm so take it easy
Even if you are not rich
It is nothing,money will not always make you happy eh
So keep on hustling
Do it slowly
You got determination,you’ll succeed surely
You see any small opportunity
Strike quickly
You know the mouna has been trop kinda since LBV
Me no nango mboko ndami i fight more than mongongo diboko,aneuya.


Verse3: for real democracy
Never give up
You be a musician
Never give up
You work at the market
Dear student i know scholl is hard but
You like dancing
Never give up
You wanna be an actor
Never give up
To be a governor …but you should think about the people first
To sing like kilananawizda
Eheheheheh .



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